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It is located in the southwestern corner of the city. It is built near the river and very delicate. From Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing, the Wanxiang building, Chongfu Temple, Yilan Pavilion, Yanyu Building, Daguan Pavilion, Dongtian Building and so on were built in succession. The trails are detour, the ancient trees touches the sky, the pavilions are scattered the meantime, so called "Hole Sky Misty Rain".It became a park in 1979, and ...[Detail]

Baimashan forest park is located in the west of Suichang county Zhejiang province with a total area of 16,212 hectares. It is sixty kilometers away from Longyou railway station of the Zhegan main railroad line and has an over-three-hour ride to the city proper of Hangzhou. The park has an agreeable climate and superior ecological environment. According to the investigation, eleven kinds of plants in the park, including the southern red bean fur, ...[Detail]

Grass Fish Pond is located in the mountains of thousand kilometers in Jingning County. Its terrain is high, the forest ups and downs, is a primitive forest landscape.In the garden, there are wide cunninghamia lanceolate forest, Huangshan mountain pine, and excellent viewing forest area. It is assembled all kinds of cypress from home and abroad, and more than 100 kinds of precious trees. It is also a good place to enjoy and scientific survey.It ...[Detail]

Wu Shan provincial-level forest park is located Northwest of suichang, apart from the town 60 kilometers, East white horse Hill, West Hill, Kowloon, and the junction of Quzhou city in the Northwest-see 1 km, 26 km North and South, 56,416 hectares, the water area of 20,000 hectares, forest cover in the territory of 84%, the annual average temperature of 155-171. Wuxijiang reservoir of scenic spot, forest scenes and landscape blend with each other, ...[Detail]

Jinzifeng Forest Park is located in the western of Qingyuan County, 18km away from county. With the area of Qingyuan forest as construction management foundation, that the area of park is 5,752 hectares.In the churchyard, it covers an area of 3,586 hectares of wildwood by 64.1%. There is the area more than ten thousand mu of natural broadleaf forest, Huangshan mountain pine forest. The landscape characteristics and the ecological environment are ...[Detail]

Jiulongwan Lava Area is a park with slag geology, is located in the Xinsi Village Dashun Town, the northeastern of Jingning County, and is bordered on Liandu District Lishui.Jinglongwan Lava Area is formed in Jurassic Period. The park is consisted of stone general, stone Avalokiteshvara and stone peak. The geological relics and landscape are centralized in Shidan Bay, Zhoushan, mountain, sandpit and flat basin. In the area, its terrain is high ...[Detail]

Ou River Rafting Park is built in 1998, is national AA scenic area. In front of the park, that is the wriggle Ou River. It is beautiful that near the water and far from the mountain.There are built recreational corridor, magnificently decoration, stone desks and benches, a restaurant which can be accommodated more than 150 people, five villanettes and there also feeding peacock, turkey and other rare birds.The more interesting entertainment ...[Detail]

Zhejiang Folk park construction site in Lishui City , the overall planning in the overall planning of urban green belts , on the East of Zhenxing Road, west of Zijin Road, south of Feida Road, North of Shouyuan Road. the park covers an area of 350 acres, is developed in two period, one covering 150 acres. Zhejiang Folk park is a leisure-based development object, full of ethnic and religious balance and family Fun, put folk as the theme, and play ...[Detail]

East and West Rocks scenic spot Located within the territory of Chongyi town in the northwest of Lishui city proper with a distance of twenty kilometers from Lishui, East and West Rocks scenic spot got its name from the two rocks standing facing each other with one in the east and the other in the west. There are places of natural beauty and uniquely-shaped rocks and caves all over the scenic spot, which are extremely thrilling and spectacular. ...[Detail]

Nanjian Rock (a place of historic interest and natural beauty at district level) Located in the west of Suichang, Nanjian rock is fifty kilometers away from the county with a 1,610-meter-high main peak. The highway extends to the center of the scenic spot, Shishuitou village with an altitude of 140 meters. The preliminary programming of the scenic spot covers an area of six square kilometers, with over thirty scenic spots in nine big scenic areas ...[Detail]