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The Huaqiao New Century Hotel Lishui is designed and built by national five-star standards, a commercial hotel with a combination of catering, guest rooms and recreation. The Hotel is situated in the commercial and cultural hub of the Chinese excellent tourism city – Lishui. With an area of 63,000 square meters, the Hotel possesses a main building of 24 floors, and 376 luxurious rooms of...More Details>>

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  • abc_11
    But the bed was too small, the large room can be placed two 1.5 meter bed, 1.2 m is too small.
  • ellat
    Conditions are better, and around convenience, the rooms are very clean.
  • Evelyn Ip
    Friendly, amiable and thoughtful and meticulous
  • macrow
    That's good
  • AggieLiu
    The location of the hotel, facilities very good impression, is a buffet type limited
  • tianayuu
    Since it has been up for five-star, if hardware because the opening time can not be changed, software is used up, otherwise sorry five-star of the title.
  • canjee
    Facilities at the hotel, service very good. may be weekend guests full breakfast
  • lifance
    Whole can! fewer parking spaces turned laps just looking for a corner location! breakfast is very good! can often meet international friends in the hotel!
  • jijijeff
    All areas of hotel is very good, next to Plaza, very convenient.
  • lijun9377
    Hotel facilities, beautiful environment, service personnel due diligence, hotel well worth it again. especially recommended to everyone.
  • nxf296103
    Overall the room was clean and comfort high!
  • sdlyrt
    Is the new century's old customers, hotels continue to warm and comfortable, the room was large, breakfast are also available, hotel is very convenient, all the navigation used to be hard to find
  • m00136706
    Atmospheric level, friendly, rooms directly at the front desk, call out the names in the paper is so smart
  • baima102
    Good good good good
  • alex3637603
    Probably is Lishui best of hotel has's, but said heart is General, hotel facilities compared old. breakfast very of not big, staying two days breakfast completely exactly, bread and dry and hard, is suspected are is zhiqian days eat left of. room stuffy of like jar, air conditioning no refrigeration, only air. call to desk actually to I sent to a fan, has which home known as five-star of hotel by fan cooling of? although this year of weather is somewhat abnormal, November in the lateThere are more than 20 degrees and humid and rainy, and so to see the hotel's service is not really to the guests feel and need-oriented. want to improve
  • Foxconn_Yantai
    Location is good, just lift without the card will go to the floor, security can be enhanced
  • cai_leiming
    Hotel is a 4 star, in fact, no stars, no toilet brush Cup, breakfast very poor 9 points to eat noodles and fried eggs, very noisy, room very small, lived in the worst of a
  • roseliu
    I is night to of, outside decoration have very magnificent, unfortunately room to people of feel bad, bed too high, decoration although Shang has grade, but details enough fine, to people to outbreak of feel, only of surprise is quilt and mattress is comfortable. breakfast too poor, select less, end early. have for, service personnel also good, but hard conditions compared petty, looks forward to improved
  • JimWang
    Hotel in the new area in Lishui best complex, surrounding environment clean and tidy, good hotel overall, hardware is good overall score of 100 can give to 85.
  • brandywang
    Well, next time
  • dlsongwm
    Which is very nice
  • biglovefool
    nice hotel but service can be improve. This hotel has a great location and near a big shopping mall.
  • davir
    In General, not 5 stars, but on the ground is quite good
  • SAM.W
    Hotel location and facilities also is is good of, most at least in Lishui not is poor has, service also OK, health should no picky. just mini room really enough mini of has, was even a small table are no, guest at wants to wrote points things, was only lying in bed Shang, made somewhat embarrassing. later wants to to for about big some of room, results price turned has a somersault, is no language has. overseas every season price is crazy your, last year national seems a standard between 880, put I killed of, Hehe.
  • etier
    All right
  • m01028383
  • ccwljl
    Nice hotel with family rooms at the three, very appropriate
  • Somnus0
    Good Oh!
  • jiangcissy
    Nice, convenient, good value for money.
  • Rivers
    Nice and good service, don't have to enter the 15-character to comment?
  • peterdd
    Service was good, the room is good, prices are relatively reasonable, cost-effective, arguably the best hotels in Lishui, praise
  • linyin000
    As Vice-Minister of planes after the Russian spaceship
  • lws4875
    Very good hotel, live a lot of guests, surrounded by busy streets at night was very quiet and the bed was comfortable, highly recommended
  • a582984080
    Lobby very stylish, service was great, like breakfast, health is also very good, it is worth
  • mengya62
    It's OK
  • slowdown
    Always stay at this
  • factmail
    Hotel bathroom cleaning do not clean, clearly does not meet the conditions of five-star.
  • citroem9981
    Pretty good
  • Arnaud
    Hotels in Nice
  • Airneed2010
    That's no problem
  • angelliangliang
    The son with his wife home for the summer from abroad, also did not hesitate to choose the Lishui Kaiyuan. at the national level during, friends often joke that says I 'is not in the new century is in the way to the new century.' Me too easy ... when we walked into the lobby when the feeling of feeling into your home, is still warm, so familiar ... from the lobby to the guest rooms and restaurants see a waitress will be warmly greeted, giving a feeling of being at home room.Is spacious, WIFI is to force, bedding special comfortable; dinner on in hotel a floor eat of buffet, quite rich, is I to had with star hotel in the price highest of a, seafood is fresh, snack do of very fine, beverage on has more than 10 more species, also has now do of fruit salad, various home fine snacks, most happy of to number I home baby has, waiter also specifically to baby provides has tableware and Chair, whole night kid happy of than day in Adventure Island alsoHAPPY!, here I am sitting, eating and accommodation as comfortable as in your own home.
  • feimu0212
    Lobby is small, but distinctive, small yard sentiment. room hallway, bathroom was nice. around the hotel, room to mix some uncoordinated. convenient, quiet, close to the business district in the South and Park near
  • arielmomo1015
    In the city centre! catch up with Jay Chou concert
  • william1111
    Overall well worth staying again!
    Really sorry for breakfast 5 star hotels
  • loveliusun
    Five-star, of sorts, in fact can! prices are very affordable. is no turndown, a fly in the ointment.
  • foliage
    New year's Eve stay, room was decorated very festive, service is very attentive.
  • fanfancarl
    Very satisfied
  • e00057741
    Great location, rooms are small, the price is not cheap
  • liwagogo
    1, toilet, no shower, bathtub shower, make customers feel insecure! I live in room 2301; 2, room facilities are not comprehensive, a writing desk would not show customer washed hair dryers not; 3, central air conditioning loud, affect sleep!