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Kaiyuan hotel with two members of zhejiang province hotel won best award tourism award

Date: 2012-11-09

a few days ago, 2012 business star best award tourism destination (hotel) award ceremony in lishui, zhejiang province held qingtian county.Kaiyuan hotel group won the "2012 annual zhejiang annual best award hotel management institution" title, the group hangzhou kaiyuan names hotel, lishui overseas Chinese kaiyuan names hotel all won the "2012 annual business star best award hotel" title.In addition, hangzhou kaiyuan names hotel at the 56th annual international conference key organization "get" zhejiang annual top ten award tourism case ".

Business star 2012 "zhejiang best award tourism destination (hotel)" selection activities by zhejiang daily joint zhejiang province tourist association, the zhejiang province hotel association organized, aims to improve province major scenic spots, hotels, hotel's popularity and influence, competitiveness and consumer business, and other comprehensive brand image, promote the zhejiang province "award tourism" industry vigorous and orderly development.This activity from July 20 to start the day, during the three months of selection, through the newspaper media prize exhibition, industry experts and media representatives vote grade, comprehensive methods such as elected review related awards.Hotel group sales do from the company straight guest and meeting company began to clench "award tourism" business, 2012 formulated the company development plan, to the Shanghai world 500 strong and large and medium-sized enterprises promotion kaiyuan brand, clench customer source, realize "award tourism," the ascension of the business.Hangzhou kaiyuan names, lishui kaiyuan names final with conference type resort hotel accurate positioning, senior banquet services division, meeting a golden key, etc. Series of professional services team included building, obtain the competition committee and the vast majority of consumer recognition and support, from home to more than 220 candidate hotel to the fore.

The hotel industry in zhejiang province association WanYi brother sir, secretary general DuJiaoXiang sir, the zhejiang province tourism development research board vice-chairman ZhanShiLong sir industries leadership have also attended the award ceremony, many industry experts in the province with the participation of the staff together and the prospect of the development of eco-tourism significance and prospect, the provincial award tourism development put forward new ideas and hope.