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Yeosu airport site through expert demonstration Nanshan

Date: 2013-07-31

Yeosu Airport will be built where the size of the airport how, when ready for use ...... July 31, Yeosu airport site optimization will be assessed moderator, the Ministry of Industrial Development Advisory Company Transportation deputy director Zhao Man Hop on Yeosu Airport Optimal location and other issues, the review will be accepted municipal media during a joint interview.

New Yeosu airport what it means?

Located in mountainous southwestern Zhejiang Lishui City, rich in tourism resources, is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, but by the traffic conditions and other factors, economic and social development is lagging behind.

"Lishui new airports, can effectively improve the external traffic conditions, promote economic and social development in Lishui." Said Zhao Min together to build the airport but also to improve the investment environment, to further accelerate the development of tourism resources in Lishui.

Currently, the development of airport economy through the airport, is the adjustment of economic structure and changing the mode of development of important ways. "Relying Yeosu Airport airport economic development can promote Korea Hydro providers, high-tech and other industries, is conducive to the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure."

Lishui, Shaoxing, Jiaxing and Huzhou, is the city's 11 prefecture-level cities, four no airport prefecture-level city in which the airport construction in Jiaxing, Huzhou, Shaoxing and Hangzhou can be used with nearly the regional advantages.

"Yeosu airport construction, will fill Zhejiang Southwest regional air transport, blank, to further improve aviation airport layout of the network." Zhao Man Hop said that currently Lishui external transport mainly rely on roads and railways, the lack of fast and convenient mode of transportation, construction Yeosu Airport conducive to building a more rational, comprehensive integrated transportation system.

Southwestern Zhejiang Lishui is mountains, geological disasters have occurred, forest protection heavier tasks. Strengthen emergency rescue system from the perspective of Yeosu airport construction and the development of general aviation, improve the response to floods, geological and other natural disasters and emergency incidents capability.

Why to Optimize Location Nanshan?

Select a place to build the airport, which will meet the terms of conditions it?

"According to the civil aviation industry specifications, airport site to consider five aspects." Zhao Man Hop introduction, airport clearance, airspace and weather conditions to meet the requirements of the safe operation of the airport, and close to the airport or to coordinate and solve problems without contradiction, and the city from the moderate, airport operations and development and coordinated development of urban and rural planning, aircraft landing routes to avoid crossing over the city; venues near the airport to meet the needs of the construction and long-term development, engineering geology, hydrogeology, electromagnetic environmental conditions favorable topography, relatively simple, relatively small amount of earthwork, construction of airport projects to meet safety requirements and operational requirements.

"Alternatively, even with the construction of airport navigation, fuel, electricity, water, gas, telecommunications, roads, drainage and other facilities, the system's condition; meet conservation, environmental protection and soil and water conservation and other requirements; economical and intensive land, the demolition relatively small amount and engineering, project investment economically reasonable. "Zhao Man Hop added.

"Henggang site, Union City, Nanshan sites and sites, is the optimal choice will review the three pre-selected sites." Zhao said China together, Nanshan site for earthwork, construction investment, land acquisition and municipal facilities other comprehensive conditions, better than the other two sites, so the panel concluded that: Yeosu airport was built in the Nanshan is reasonable and feasible.

Zhao Man Hop introduced henggang site earthwork is too big, about 180 million cubic meters, can be said that the current domestic regional airport building the largest earthwork, even in complex terrain in southwest China (Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and other places), a regional airport earthwork up to 30 million cubic meters.

According to the expert group to preliminary estimates, construction of an airport in Henggang, an initial investment of 50 billion yuan, the current domestic regional airport at most 20 billion yuan, such a huge amount of work and investment, seriously affecting the economic benefits and feasibility of the project . "Now elected Nanshan site, about 60 million cubic meters of earth and stone works, a total investment of about 2.16 billion yuan." Zhao Man Hop said.

Yeosu Airport scale how?

There will be noise pollution do?

Nanshan site is located southwest side of the city, 15 km straight-line distance from the city center, the estimated future airport to the city of the time within half an hour.

According to preliminary ideas, according to meet the 2025 Yeosu Airport passenger throughput of 1 million passengers annually design, airfield indicators 4C, can take off and land B737 and A320 series airplanes; build a runway length of 2,800 meters, 10,000 square meters of terminal ; forward by mid-2045 to meet passenger throughput of 23 million design, airfield indicators 4D, you can take off and land, etc. Class D B767 aircraft, terminal expansion to 40,000 square meters.

Zhao Man Hop said the airport is completed, can be opened to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Chengdu, Shenyang and other major cities on the route, you can forward to the timely opening of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other regional routes.

The public is very concerned about the noise problem, Zhao Man Hop respond straight-line distance from the city airport is 15 km, and the landing flight path does not pass through the city over the amount of flights per day and fewer long-term planning annual throughput of 23 million passengers day, about 30 offs and landings, we can say the impact of aircraft noise on the city is very small.

Market rumors, Yeosu airport after the completion of the airport will be dual-use, then the planes taking off and landing, transitions routine training, night training made noise pollution will be more powerful it?

"Yeosu Airport current project does not involve military facilities, there is no arrangement of troops into Yeosu airport." Zhao told reporters the people together.

After selecting the site do?

Yeosu airport in line with national Civil Aviation Authority about planning, is clear in construction projects during the second five. Currently the airport has been to the State Council, the Central Military Commission to declare the project, preliminary works are advancing step by step according to the procedure.

"According to the state capital construction program, Yeosu Airport site optimization after approval by the National Civil Aviation Authority, then there project, feasibility studies, master planning, preliminary design, construction design and other preparatory work." Zhao said China together, including project require approval of the State Council and the CMC, the feasibility report submitted to the National Development and Reform Commission and require approval of the General Staff, master planning and preliminary design of the need for approval by the Civil Aviation Authority of East China; work after entering the formal completion of the above project implementation stage. After completion of the airport, the East China Civil Aviation Administration issued a license after the airport, the airport officially opened to traffic can be used.

Zhao Man Hop said that if all goes well, the project is expected to Yeosu airport by the State in this year's project approval.

Reporter Liao Wangjing